Saturday, March 10, 2012

YouTube Debuts New Look for Pages with 4 Fresh Templates

Do you like the looks for your business? If so, update away!

Read the YouTube Release Info

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Federal Lawsuit Claims Ohio Company Owns Facebook Platform Code

Monday, November 7, 2011

Google+ Rolls Out Pages for Businesses

Google+ has officially debuted Google+ Pages, their long-awaited attempt to make the Google+ social network available to businesses. Will your Central Ohio business jump on the bandwagon immediately, wait and see, or are you completely devoid of the need to manage yet another social entity for your operation?

Here's the link to get crackin' with Google+ Pages

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One of our focuses here at the Chamber in 2012 (and now) will be helping Central Ohio businesses learn how to take advantage of the really stellar micro-targeting available via Facebook ads. Contact us if you need support walking you through it and learning the system. Small businesses in Central Ohio will soon be lured toward the Facebook marketing platform with $50 in free Facebook advertising. Take Care, Mark

See the Facebook Announcement Here

Monday, June 6, 2011

Chamber Review: Beany's Auto Service: A Family Business Building a Family of Customers Through Social Media

by Mark Bingaman

When I noticed that Beany's Auto Service Center on Brice Road in Reynoldsburg had “Liked” the Columbus Social Media Chamber of Commerce on Facebook, I thought I'd look into what this family owned and operated business was up to with their Social Media efforts. In business for 32 years, Beany's is an independent operation with Kerri Beany Foulks carrying on the family legacy.

Kerri has taken advantage of the marketing and customer relationship-building opportunities provided by Facebook quite nicely. As of June 6, 2011, the Beany's Facebook page claimed 342 fans and Kerri is doing an excellent job in highlighting the many services provided by the shop, through regular status updates and photo posts.

She has enabled the “Review” section of Facebook, allowing customers to post their thoughts and experiences on the service provided by Beany's, and Kerri also does a nice job of responding to queries and interacting with previous and potential customers, both in the Review section and on the main wall.

A beautiful touch is Beany's monthly campaign to raise money for an area charity by providing an oil change in return for a donation. This is promoted seamlessly on the Facebook page and the many pictures of Kerri and Beany's handing over a check to the charity serves as a sweet reminder of their efforts.

Part of the magic of Facebook is the ability to really build a bond and yes, a friendship, with clients and customers via FB and I truly felt that bond established with the Beany's Auto Service Center Facebook presence. After just a couple of minutes on their page, I felt as if I knew Kerri, knew Beany's, and that I could trust them to do an excellent job servicing my vehicle at a fair price. And really, that's what it's all about isn't it? Good Work!

As for the negatives, I'd like to see Beany's establish a Twitter presence; I could find no Twitter feed for the shop. Additionally, a presence on Foursquare and LinkedIn would help to drive even more business to Beany's and develop further top-of-mind awareness in the area. There is also the opportunity to establish a storefront on the Beany's Facebook page and sell gift certificates. It's too late now, but holidays like the upcoming Father's Day would be ideal spots to encourage satisfied customers and Facebook fans to purchase a gift certificate to Beany's for their dad for Father's Day.

There's more to do, but Kerri Beany Foulks and Beany's Auto Service Center are off to a nice start in utilizing Social Media for their business.

Beany's Auto Service Center Facebook Page

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Columbus Social Media Review: Schottenstein Real Estate Group: What Can They Do Better?

by Mark Bingaman

Grade: C+

The Schottenstein Real Estate Group SREG) is approaching their Social Media efforts conservatively, and they’re doing a good job from a conservative standpoint. The bases are -- for the most part -- covered, the toes are dipped in the water, and I give them a decent C+ for their approach thus far to the medium.

This is, after all, a big brand name with a large footprint and conservatism has likely served them well. But, of course, it’s my job to champion Social Media, so champion it I will.

Because of their big brand name and humongous footprint, the opportunity is available to them to dominate in Social Media, should they choose to jump into it full throttle. And no, that does not mean jumping in recklessly. But there’s a lot of opportunity that’s being missed, and a company with the wherewithal in terms of staff and a couple dollars should not miss that gaping opportunity.


Let’s run down a few of the statistics. The main Schottenstein Real Estate Group Facebook page has 70 Likes. That minimal number is okay; this is just the corporate page and no one is going to have a “passion” for this element of the company.

However, they’ve also initiated a Schottenstein Apartments Facebook presence that serves as a gateway and customer service center for all of their apartment communities. This particular page does much better in the “raving fan category” with 489 LIKES, as of Tuesday afternoon, April 12, 2011.

The SREG approach here is excellent; the page is loaded with positive comments from residents, inquiries, and the occasional complaint, all answered and responded to by the page administrator. Additionally, SREG has posted a nice mix of information concerning the various apartment community events and activities, as well as pursuing engagement with their fans via lifestyle posts, like “Food cart/truck season is almost upon us. Who's your favorite mobile food vendor in Columbus?” and a link to a Columbus Underground story about that topic.

This page is exactly what it should be; lifestyle, community information and customer service. Nice.

The Facebook pages for the various, individual apartment communities -- like the brand new Hilliard Grand apartments -- and their condo communities are all well-maintained with sufficient content posted, but with only a smattering of LIKES. And not all communities have their own Facebook page, a definitive negative.

Twitter Bummer

The only Twitter presence is for the main SREG entity, and that only has 257 followers. None of the apartment or condo communities have their own Twitter feed. The wasted opportunity here to market their properties and build a raving fan base is tremendous.


No presence


Only 3 employees on LinkedIn

So, What Would You Do, Mark?

Thank you for asking. Let me answer. If I were the Schottenstein Real Estate Group, or nearly any entity for that matter, I would be incredibly excited and pulling out all the stops to completely dominate THE most intimate, personal and one-to-one relationship and business-building tool in the history of mankind; Social Media.

I would make it my personal quest to ensure that 50% to 75% of those people renting apartments or buying condos from me were darned-well also my friends or fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter and helping me to market my properties to their friends.

I’d view Social Media as the tool for me to be forefront in the minds of potential residents on a daily basis. I’d be building my community both in the real world and online.

I’d build a network of community resident ambassador/bloggers who would serve as the resident face of each apartment community and showcase its strengths.

I’d be darned excited.

There’s a lot more I’d do.

But, I have to save a few secrets and techniques, after all.

Hopefully later this week, we’ll provide an interview with some of the folks involved in the marketing and Social Media efforts at SREG and get their thoughts on where the medium can or should take them.

Schottenstein Apartments on Facebook

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Columbus Social Media Reviews: Fortner Fine Living

by Mark Bingaman

This is the first in a regular series of profiles of Central Ohio businesses and organizations who are utilizing Social Media to spread the marketing message concerning their project, service or business.

Some of those profiled will be relatively far along in their utilization of the medium, while others may just be dabbling or only in the initial stages of integrating Social Media into their business. We’ll look at what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and, perhaps, how they could be doing it better. Plus, give pats on the back when due.

Fortner Fine Living

Fortner has both a Facebook and a Twitter profile, with both apparently in early development. As of Sunday night, March 13, 2011 only 41 people were following the Twitter profile, while the company showed only 10 Likes on their Facebook page.

Although they clearly are just starting to move into Facebook and Twitter, I applaud them for making a concerted effort to increase their Likes and generate word-of-mouse clicks with a contest. (Word of mouse; did I just come up with that? -- I think I’ll keep using it).

The contest offers to qualify anyone who Likes their Facebook page -- over the course of a month -- to win a piece of furniture; a stylish and snazzy “Buckeye” ottoman. Obviously, a contest of this sort is a pretty simple concept, but I remain surprised at the number of page owners who rarely employ such tactics.

To help them along a bit in adding Likes and followers, I’ve posted info concerning the ottoman giveaway on

1) The Metro Columbus Social Media Chamber of Commerce Facebook page

2) Added a tile advertisement to the top of the Chamber blog

3) Tweeted information concerning the giveaway to the followers of Social Rewards! Columbus ( a Chamber Social Shopping initiative preparing for launch in April)

4)Posted it to the Social Rewards! Columbus Facebook page

5) And, of course, wrote about it here.

Feel free to Like or Follow Fortner Fine Living, if you so desire.

Later this week, we’ll talk with the principals at Fortner, discover when they decided to implement a Social Media effort, and get their general thoughts on what it may mean for their business.

In the real world, Fortner Fine Living has two locations, 2624 Johnstown Rd & 1090 W 5th Ave (5th & Kenny).